What will the SAG support be like?
We will have one aid stop on each route daily approximately half way through each climb. The aid station will be stocked with water, hydration mix, snacks, and bars. As we get closer we will show you on the route maps the location and exact food/drink items. If there is something you love/must have, please email us as and we will see what we can do! There will also be at least one and likely two SAG vehicles “on course” with one being the follow. These will have bike racks on them. In the event someone can’t finish the ride, has a medical issue, etc, the vehicle will be available for pick-up.
Do I need to do all rides?
No! This is not a timed event or race. All routes are “out and backs” so please ride to your ability and as long or as short as you choose. You may also choose to not do one day or go shorter on one day, etc.
Will there be group leaders?
We will likely have an “A” and “B” group leader(s). As many of you know, climbing is tough to stay together as a group, but we certainly will work to stay together.

Can my non-rider spouse/child come to dinner?
Yes! We would love to have your non rider join us for dinner on Saturday night at Whiskey Creek! Please purchase a dinner ticket for them by clicking here.

What type of gearing should I have?
Most routes are a very steady (5%-7%) grade, but do have “kickers”. We suggested a minimum 11-28 and up to a 11-32 is great! Please come prepared to the camp with a well working bike and plenty of spare tubes, etc. You are welcome to give the SAG vehicle anything you may need, but we do suggest you carry at least one tube and two Co2 cartridges and/or pump. There is a local bicycle shop in Bishop, CA called Aerohead Cycles and they will be open on Friday and Saturday to assist you with anything as well!

What type of clothing should I have?
We will be riding from a range of elevations so we suggest that you come prepared with a “wide range” of clothing including: heavy cycling jacket, light cycling jacket, vest, arm warmers, knee warmers, long fingered gloves, short fingered gloves and then your normal cycling wear! It is likely that you will want a jacket for the descent from the climbs. Be sure to pay close attention to the weather in the days preceding the ride and we will also provide updates as it gets closer on what to expect.
Do I need to drive to the start each day?
Please note each day we have a different start location that we suggest driving or carpooling to. Our final day (Sunday) is the farthest from Bishop, CA in Independence, CA. We did this on purpose so that people headed “south” home via 395 will be that much closer to the Los Angeles/Southern California area. Here are the approximate times from Aerohead Cycles (middle of Bishop) to the starting points and we suggest you allow plenty of time to get to the start locations. Each start location has plenty of free parking.
Friday @ Millpond Park = 7 Miles or 13 Minutes
Saturday @ Big Pine = 15.4 Miles or 16 Minutes
Sunday @ Independence = 41 Miles or 38 Minutes

All riders will sign-in and sign-out of the ride. We will give each rider the SAG cell phone numbers in the AM rider briefing to ensure extra safety. In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.

Rider Waiver:
If you have not already, please use the link below to access our online Rider Waiver.  Everyone needs to have one on file before the event - it should only take you a minute to complete.  

Bishop, CA offers tons of other lodging options including RV, Camping, Hotels and more! Click HERE for more info.