We are starting up Group Rides again (May 2021) and while we are thrilled to see you all again, there are going to be some guidelines for group rides that everyone who is attending must follow. We know these guidelines might not be ideal for everyone but based on your survey responses, these are the guidelines that the vast majority felt were necessary. These guidelines also adhere to national, state, and local requirements/guidance.


1. COVID-19 Vaccinations are required to attend an ESV Group Ride

2. You must conduct a self check before attending the event, including affirming that you have not been around any exposed individuals, you do not have a fever, and that you are not symptomatic.

3. Please bring a mask in case you need to go inside anywhere that requires a mask.

Please complete the waiver below BEFORE attending a group ride. 

COVID-19 Rider Liability Waiver >>



Signature Rides are still outside of the scope of the types/sizes of events we can host at this time - but stay tuned, we hope to be able to host bigger rides later in 2021. 

Eastside Velo hosts a number of larger format Signature Rides throughout the year that provide our members with an opportunity to take on some bigger challenges with the added support of aid stations. 

Eastside Velo membership is required to participate in any Signature Ride, part of your membership dues go to fund these aid stations and the support provided for these larger rides.