Pine Creek is an awesome climb and of the three climbs in the Round Valley area of Bishop (Pine Creek, Lower Rock Creek, and Gorge Road), this is the definitely the hardest of the three.

The business of the climb really starts after you pass the small community of Rovana. The climb is worth it, you will be rewarded with steep kickers mixed in with consistent grade ramps for the whole the views are amazing and the limited traffic makes for an excellent ride. 

Many of the ESV board members agree that Pine Creek is one of the best descents (and climbs) in the area - quality asphalt, engaging and technical corners that require you to pick your line just right to maximize the fun factor.

Distance = 29.7 miles
Elevation Gain = 3,195 feet
Road Quality = mostly good
Bike Lane / Shoulder Size = not really
Amount of Traffic = minimal

Ride with GPS Link = ride info >>
Start Location = Millpond Recreation Area
Turn-Around Point = Top of Pine Creek
End Location = Millpond Recreation Area
Parking = plentiful
Bathrooms = at start
Water = at Round Valley Elementary

Couple of the top of Pine Creek there is a big yellow gate, that is officially the end of the climb but if you want a little extra climbing and don't mind a little bit of bad road then it is a fun little adventure - about an extra mile or so and 300ish feet of climbing. 

If you are looking for an extra big day of climbing then it is easy to add on Lower Rock Creek, or Gorge Road to this ride. Or go for the "Proof of Life" and do all three climbs!