The epic journey up Highway 168 to Lake Sabrina is a legit "feather in your cap" ride....bring your climbing legs and a take-no-prisoners attitude for this ride.

We highly recommend starting at Millpond Recreation Area so you get a handful of flatish miles before the main show starts up 168.

Based on the climbs "FIET" score - this is #33 in the country. Don't let that intimidate you though, this climb does have some longer hard stretches but there are some less difficult stretches that you can recover a bit on.

A quick note about the is fast and long....make sure your brakes are in good condition and make sure to practice braking modulation so you don't overheat/glaze your brakes. 

Seasonal access - once the snow comes, they stop plowing above Aspendell. We think riding up to Aspendell is a great (aka favorite) winter ride since there are so few cars, epic views, and the roads are well plowed.  

Distance = 35.1 miles
Elevation Gain = 4,746 feet
Road Quality = great, the last mile or so is less great
Bike Lane / Shoulder Size = minimal shoulder 
Amount of Traffic = seasonal but generally mild

Ride with GPS Link = ride info >>
Start Location = Millpond Recreation Area
Turn-Around Point = Lake Sabrina
End Location = Millpond Recreation Area
Parking = plentiful
Bathrooms = at start and various campgrounds up 168
Water = seasonal water at campgrounds up 168

This is normally a ride people don't link up with other stuff unless you are going for some serious extra credit climbing. A good and fun add-on...while you are up South Lake but you should have some serious chops since South Lake is rated #11 hardest climb in the USA.